S C H O O L S  for  Y O U T H

                     Escaping Poverty

Help build John Fisher schools

and support the expansion of the school community, starting with the John Fisher Teaching Institute for vocational training. The schools immediate objective is to establish a training school for older youth. A secondary objective has been accomplished: the establishment of the pre-school and primary school. In the long term John Fisher is looking for possibilities to set up the secondary school.

The first Schools for Youth project, the building of a professional kitchen has already been accomplished. Until now cooking was done on primitive wood fires, now that is the past. The kitchen is the most modern large scale kitchen in Northern Uganda.

We now request sponsoring for our next projects:

The installation of a clean water system.
After that we are aiming at helping to build a dormitory and eventually a main hall. 
Now female students sleep in class rooms that are needed for further expansion of the school. We plan a dormitory with ample sanitation facilities for 90 + female students. In the future an upper floor is to be built.
The Kyambogo University demands a "main hall" for school events, but also for use by the community.

A complete sponsor request is available. Please inquire about our project plans at info@schoolsforyouth.com

Our next plans
The John Fisher Teachers Training Institute (JFTTI) is being developed and needs monetary support to construct buildings and provide educational tools. JFTTI will expand its training program with ICT and professional nursing staff. In addition to this teacher training , we are starting training programs as follow-up to elementary school, such as construction and tailoring training, and other professional training that can lead to jobs and income.