S C H O O L S  for  Y O U T H

                    Escaping Poverty -  Help je mee?

The project in Lira consists of two sub-projects:
1. Youth with little or no education from the Starch Factory and Ayago neighborhoods in Lira, Uganda, receive a one-year vocational training after which they can provide an income for themselves and their families. You can read more about this on the vocational training page.

2. We provide scholarships to young people who have completed several years of secondary school and want to become nurses. They follow an official 2 1/2-year training at the John Fisher School. We adopt a student, often a teenage mother or an orphan.

We collaborate with the vocational training programs at the John Fisher School.
The John Fisher School currently offers training in ICT and nursing. Additionally, the school provides a weekly "citizenship course" for youth who receive one-year vocational training at companies in the city of Lira. Read more.

Future plans and challenges.
We are preparing to make the project sustainable so that it can continue independently of SfY financially. 
could we achieve that through
We want to enhance the quality of the training programs. How could we provide better education in  craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, innovative, and creative thinking? What's needed in terms of professionalism, materials and funding? We're looking into it!
We have a beautiful kitchen that we will soon use to train cooks, bakers, and other culinary professionals. Additionally, the kitchen will be the centerpiece of a project for delivering meals in the city. Read more about our future plans.